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  • Συντήρηση & Λειτουργία
  • Λεκάνη Κυττάρου ΧΥΤΑ Άρτας
  • Ιονία Οδός - Section2
  • Ιονία Οδός - Section3
  • Υδροηλεκτρικό Έργο Αργυρίου

Quality - Environmental Policy

  • Quality Management System

The company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 in terms of the Quality Management System

  • Waste Management

The company has cooperation contracts with certified recipients of of recyclable materials, used lubricants and old tires.

  • OSH Matters

The company complies with the requirements of legislation relating to hygiene issues.

As part of this policy has a Safety Officer and drafted Written Assessment Occupational Risk GEEK.

It also organizes educational seminars for staff on an annual basis.